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New Blog Contributor: Cody Dunn

Hello, my name is Cody Dunn and I am a new contributor to the FCS West Coast blog! I have recently passed and obtained my Level 1 Certification and looking forward to documenting my FMA journey with FCS here.

Me at my FCS Level 1 Certification Testing, about to begin

A little about myself: I am 23 years old and am from San Diego, California. I did Hawaiian Kempo when I was younger but stopped before entering high school to move on to focusing on academics and other sports.

After I graduated from college last year and started work in my professional career in the finance industry, I became bored with the monotony of every day life, and began searching out martial arts again to fill the need of a new hobby where I can gain skills and do a sport at the same time. As a matter of being efficient with my time, I was looking for one system that can provide me with the necessary skills in self-defense and entering an MMA cagefight (which I am wholeheartedly interested in doing as well).

As a stroke of good luck, I came in contact with a Ving Tsun/Wing Chun sifu and began training under him in the Ip Man/Ip Ching lineage. It was from my Ving Tsun sifu where I began learning concepts unknown to me in previous martial arts which I have done, such as relaxation, sensitivity, and literally Kung Fu (“Hard Work”). It was my sifu who suggested that I try out FMA with him in order to further work on sensitivity and gaining skills for MMA. I continue to cross-train in Ving Tsun to this day, and give it credit for being my base in pugilism.

I started in FCS about 5 months ago and felt welcome and at home with the San Diego Chapter of FCS Kali West Coast. Their dedication and support inspired me to find ways to support FCS and the FMA community at large. Contributing to this blog is one of them.

11538109_10153045640440765_3126833065515917678_oPracticing the Mano Mano silat takedown with fellow FCS West Coast San Diego member Felix

In my posts, I want to discuss tips and tricks specifically for new practitioners in FCS or FMA in general in regards to theory, training, practical applications, and functional fitness for FMA. Through training in a concept-based martial art such as Ving Tsun Kung Fu, I learned not only that I have to train hard to achieve success, but, more importantly, how to train. From this, I would like to give my own personal reflection on what worked for me (and what didn’t) in training martial arts, as well as how Ving Tsun training can help your FMA training as well as the unique history behind Chinese Kung Fu and FMA.  In addition, I would also like to review books and videos, conduct interviews, and ultimately help spread the word of Filipino Combat Systems, Filipino Martial Arts as a whole, and any practical combatives or self-defense system to the world.


11423693_10153045638955765_2173337059350141835_oKnife Tapping with FCS West Coast San Diego member James


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Sunday Practice Canceled In Observance Of Father’s Day

In observance of Father’s Day, Sunday’s practice, 06/21/2015, will be canceled. So enjoy and see you next week!

2015 Derobio Conference and SDFMA Unity Gathering

Come out to support! – September 10 – 12 See flyer for details or visit http://www.pdeskrima.com/contact.html for more information and preregister.


Congratulations To Cody For Passing His Level 1 Test!