FCS Kali West Coast

Footage From The Last FCS Workshop February 2017

Footage from our last FCS Workshop, February 25, 2017. Thank you for all who came out participate in the Doble Baston workshop. Special thank you Guro Rich Verdejo and Manong Bernie Herrera for coming out and sharing your knowledge.

Next month we have testing for La Jolla FCS!

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Footage Of The First FCS Workshop 2017

Footage From Our Kali/Muay Thai Seminar!

Here is some footage from our Kali / Muay Thai Seminar that took place at the MG Kenpo Academy on Oct 16, 2016. Thank you to Mr. Maurice Gomez for hosting; Lakan/Kru Ray Khanomtom Cole and Guro Rich Verdejo for sharing your knowledge and stories; to Manong Bernard Herrera, Master Edwin Abo, Guro Japs Jayme, Central Coast FCS Group Lead Patrick Maldonado, and La Jolla FCS Group Lead Felix Delacruz for coming out to show your support, participating, and sharing your knowledge; and last but not least to all the family members and participants who came to join us in all the fun and showing your support. We had a blast and looking forward to our next event!

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Video From Our Last Monthly Workshop

Here’s a video of some things we went over during our last Monthly Workshop. From single blade, espada y daga, to tapping with live blade and stun gun, we all had a great time. Thank you for all who came out and participated. Special thanks to Guro Rich Verdejo and family for coming out and sharing your knowledge. Last, but not least, congrats to Andrew Harris for passing his Level 2! See everyone at the next workshop!

Video of first Central Coast FCS Monthly Workshop – 082016

Video from our June, 2016 Monthly Workshop

A video of some things that happened during the seminar with Tuhon Ray Dionaldo

Thank you to everyone who attended and being a part of this event. We appreciate your support and hope you had a great time. We would also like to thank all of the Mothers and families who allowed their loved ones to be away for this event.

Special thanks to: Sensei Steve Baca & Mr. Maurice Gomez for hosting the event.

Congratulations to: Andrew Harris for passing his Level 1.

Congratulations to: Guro Rich Verdejo. It’s been a long time coming.

Thank you to the following: Guro Rich Verdejo, Manong Bernie Herrera, Sensei Steve Baca, Mr. Maurice Gomez, Patrick Maldonado, and Felix Delacruz for organizing and promoting this event.

Last, but not least a special thank you to Tuhon Ray Dionaldo for taking the time to come out to share your knowledge with us.

We had a great time training and hanging out with everyone and hope to see everyone at the next event!

Video From Our Last Workshop Held On 03-16-19 At Ski Beach

Here are a few things we went over during our last monthly workshop that was held on 03/19/16 at Ski Beach, San Diego. The focus was on panantukan and how it could translate into edge and blunt weapons. It was a good time and we look forward to the next workshop with the tribe.

Video of FCS Cali Crew’s Free Open House 2016

What You Missed This Past Sunday – Stick Grappling And Applications